Carrera Quinta

Tuesday / November 8, 2011 / 12:00 p.m.
David Friend Recital Hall
921 Boylston Street
United States

Carrera Quinta, created in 2006 by Francy Montalvo and Javier Pérez, is a Colombian traditional music group. Their style blends the influences of traditional Colombian composers and ensembl—such as Germán Darío Pérez, Oriol Rangel, Trío Morales Pino, and León Cardona—with jazz concepts.

The clinic will be dedicated to the traditional music of the Colombian Andean region, describing the main characteristics of styles such as pasillo, bambuco, and guabina. There will be an explanation about the role of each instrument in the traditional ensembles and the influence of other styles in this music, such as the use of new instruments and the application of jazz improvisation elements in these styles.

Lately, Carrera Quinta has participated in competitions around Colombia, such as the 2010 Hatoviejo-Cotrafa Music Festival, one of the most important performance competitions in Colombian traditional music, as well as the 2010 competition Festival de Nuevas Músicas Mestizas (new crossbreed musics) organized by Bogotá's Chamber of Commerce. In 2009, Francy Montalvo's composition "En Esencia" was a winner in the Colombian Cultural Department traditional composition competition. In 2006, they received a research scholarship from the Colombian Cultural Department. The research centered on the application of jazz improvisation in Colombian traditional music.

Carrera Quinta features Pedro Acosta (drums), Cesar Medina (saxophone), Dario Montoya (flute), Daniel Montoya (electric bass), Javier Pérez (guitar), and Francy Montalvo (piano), all of them faculty members at Universidad el Bosque School of Music in Bogotá, Colombia.

Carrera Quinta has published two books: Method of Improvisation in the Colombian Pasillo (2006), and Pasillos, Bambucos, Guabinas, An Urban Vision (2009). In December 2006, the magazine Arcadia reviewed their first book and called it one of the most important music books published during that year. They also have published articles about jazz influences in traditional styles in the Colombian Cultural Department's journal A Contratiempo. Their research has been presented in musical conferences in Colombia and in the VII Congress of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music - Latin American Branch held at Universidad Católica in Lima, Peru in 2008.