Berklee Summer in the CityDamaris

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Thursday / July 10, 2014 / 6:00 p.m.
Charlestown Navy Yard
Charlestown Navy Yard

Peruvian singer and songwriter that integrates various art forms in one stage. Damaris composes, sings, dances and achieves with her performances to take her audience in an amazing rollercoaster of emotions.

“Being on stage is the most sublime feeling I've experienced, I give my best to share with the public the magic of music ... ̈

She was born between the Mantaro Valley and the city of Huancayo, in the Andes of Peru. At age 6 she was playing the charango and at the age of 9 traveling the country as part of her mother Saywa’s band. Without a doubt this is when her love for music started and developed.

The last three years have been intense in her short but successful artistic career, it has certainly been consolidating in her country and in this part of America. In July 2011 she was recognized as a MARCA PERU Ambassador by the Ministry of Tourism, commission that has been granted because of the diffusion of our country’s music in both national and international stages. Your commitment as MARCA PERU Ambassador is to place the country in each of its public and private events . This designation has done nothing but recognize her as talented as he is.

She was chosen by the Andean Community of Nations to represent in the Latin American Women Congress, Peruvian heroine Micaela Bastidas in the Passion Project in the Andes, which has already started in Ecuador its first visit and will travel in a tour that will take her to Bolivia, Colombia and Peru .

Internationally her music and ideas have been of interest in the world and that’s why she received the visit of the National television Switzerland, Germany, Argentina and Spain.

“To write music, first I have to know exactly what I want to communicate and to get there I'm constantly observing my world, my emotions, the people around me, nature ...When I find something that moves me I start to develop the music, I think of a melody, grab the guitar and turn that into music.”

In addition to her work as co-host with her mother Saywa in the national television show “Miski Takiy” both presented their third recital - this time titled “Hilando Cantos” which was not only a success in the box office, but it recollected all the music and rites that had been almost forgotten. With more than a dozen musicians on stage - 10 dancers - special guests - this has been one of the most satisfying shows for both.

Perhaps one of the most important cultural initiatives made by Damaris has been the creation of the Friendship Winds Festival Peru - Chile led by the Chilean singer Américo. The proposal had the support of both governments for the sole purpose of making music to bring Chile and Peru together and write a new story in difficult times for both countries.

In September 2013 in the city of Tacna this Festival came to an end, this festival summoned young Peruvian and Chilean people in an audacious attempt to bring these two countries together.Her vitality and delivery may be because of her Andean roots that have also made a difference in her music. She is preparing today her third studio album where the nuances of pop make it a truly international approach.

Damaris has come up with this different approach because she is devoted to her country and her Latin roots.