Canada Night (Video Rewind)

Event Dates
Tuesday / March 2, 2021 / 4:00 pm
Virtual Event

In this video rewind from 2017, Canada Night—an annual Berklee event showcasing the music of some of Berklee's Canadian artists—had a lineup including Piao Huang, Nate Daviau, Kayla, Phé, Madz and Luke, and Jessie Leith Munro.

From Toronto, vocalist Piao Huang was the 2016 Slaight Family Scholar. She's majoring in music business. In addition to being a vocalist, Huang is also an award-winning classical pianist. Since starting at Berklee, she has been featured in Berklee's Singers Night, Groovalicious, and the Chinese New Year celebration.

Nate Daviau is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter whose sound focuses on country and pop. 

Kayla is a recording artist with Slaight Music and Cadence Music Group.

After years of exploration and experimentation, Phé is ready to stake her claim in the world of music and entertainment. Her unique musical style is a blend of R&B and urban pop accompanied by a tapestry of electronic sounds. Through her thoughtful and poetic lyrics, Phé reflects on the world as she experiences it.

Madz and Luke are singer-songwriters from Toronto. 

Jessie Leith Munro is a singer-songwriter from Toronto whose debut EP is On My Own. Her powerful blend of pop-influenced rock and soul is showcased in her debut single, "If Your Eyes Could Talk."