Berklee International Network 20th Anniversary Concert

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Wednesday / October 16, 2013 / 8:15 p.m.
Berklee Performance Center
136 Massachusetts Avenue

The Berklee International Network (BIN) 20th anniversary concert will feature exceptional students representing the diverse musical styles and cultures in the Berklee International Network. The performance will include four outstanding groups, directed by Ron Savage, chair of the Ensemble Department, and led by Berklee faculty members. The groups are the Middle Eastern Group, led by Alain Mallet; the Latin American and Caribbean Group, led by Rebecca Cline; the European and Asia Group, led by Scott DeOgburn; and the Flamenco World Group, led by Javier Limón.

The BIN network was established as part of Berklee’s international strategy to make contemporary music education and the Berklee approach to teaching both accessible and affordable across the world. Network partners are essential in attracting, generating and supporting musical talent in their specific countries and each opens the doors to the musical cultures, traditions, and styles of its country, thereby facilitating the creation of new musical, as well as educational, ideas and ensuring that Berklee remains at the forefront of modern music education.

Twenty years of collaboration has seen the BIN partnership grow. Its many notable achievements include articulation agreements that enable Berklee students to gain credits from BIN schools, the acceptance to Berklee of many exceptional musicians from BIN institutions, and the introduction of an annual Berklee International Network scholarship for an outstanding BIN school student, alumnus, or faculty member to attend the masters programs at Berklee's international campus in Valencia, Spain.

Please RSVP here. Attendees with a Berklee ID will have the chance to win one of three iPad minis. Winners will be announced at the event.

Berklee International Network (BIN):

Baron School of Music—Hong Kong

Conservatori Liceu, L’AULA de Música Moderna i Jazz—Spain

Conservatório de Artes del Caribe—Puerto Rico

Conservatório e Faculdade Souza Lima—Brazil

Escuela de Música Contemporánea—Argentina

Escuela de Música Medios Arte y Tecnología (EMMAT)—Colombia

Helsinki Pop and Jazz Conservatory—Finland

Holland College—Canada

International College of Music (ICOM)—Malaysia

Jazz & Rock Schulen Freiburg—Germany

JMC Academy—Australia

Koyo Conservatory of Music—Japan

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences—Finland

Music Academy International—France

Newpark Music Centre—Ireland

Philippos Nakas Conservatory—Greece

Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music—Israel

Seoul Jazz Academy—South Korea

Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Colegio de Música—Ecuador