Abigail Lim-Kimberg

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Sunday / April 1, 2018 / 11:30 a.m.
Former B3 Restaurant (Closed November 2018)
160 Massachusetts Avenue
United States
Abigail Lim-Kimberg
Image courtesy of the artist

Abigail Lim-Kimberg is a Chinese-American harpist, songwriter, and composer from San Francisco, California. Her music is inspired by the styles she has studied, as well as the influence multiculturalism has had on her life. 

She began studying folk music at age 4 and now studies jazz, classical, Arab, Latin, and contemporary styles at Berklee College of Music, where she is a songwriting and harp performance double major. 

Lim-Kimberg began playing the harp professionally at age 9, when she was first hired to perform a wedding processional.  Since then, she has performed at hundreds of private and public events as a solo artist or with ensembles. She is the harpist for Qantara Berklee, which is an Arab, jazz, Western classical, and Latin American music fusion ensemble under the direction of Simon Shaheen, an oud and violin virtuoso and composer.

She plays in a jazz trio and is the cofounder of the tango ensemble It Takes a Few, with which she is debuting one of her original compositions arranged by her cofounder, Harsha Thangirala. When she is on the West Coast, she performs regularly with Kamikaze Palm Tree, a San Francisco–based noise-rock band.

Live music is provided for patrons of the B3 restaurant and bar.