Equity Complaint Process

These procedures are for the investigation and adjudication of violations of the Equity Policy. Complaints of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct will be handled internally through the Equity Complaint Process outlined below.

The process described below will apply to all complaints involving students, faculty, administrators, or staff. While Berklee may choose to pursue complaints by a Berklee community member against third parties or former community members, disciplinary action can generally only be taken against an individual as long as that person is enrolled, employed, or otherwise involved with Berklee. Nothing in this policy or process alters or modifies the at-will employment relationship. The Chief Equity Officer/Title IX Coordinator will have the sole discretion to determine the appropriate response to complaints against any Berklee community member made by third parties, after evaluating whether the conduct described in the complaint constitutes a sufficient present or future risk to the Berklee community to warrant further review.

To the extent any collective bargaining agreement applicable to the reporting party or responding party provides any additional rights, such rights will be applied equally to both reporting party and responding party wherever possible. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this policy and procedure shall supersede any provisions of a collective bargaining agreement that conflict with the law.