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In this video, you'll hear about the Berklee Performance Division's plan to deliver our comprehensive music curriculum in an engaging online environment for fall 2020.

Letter from the Chairs

Dear Berklee Students,

We in the Ear Training Department are eager to work with you this fall! We’re here to help you develop the musicianship tools that allow you to express yourself with confidence and creativity. When your inner hearing is clear, strong, and seamlessly connected to your voice and instrument, and you can identify and write what you’re hearing and translate notation into sound, then you’re able to concentrate on the expressive and spontaneous parts of music. Musicianship is all about confidence and clarity, which shows in your time, your tuning, your choice of notes, and your ability to interact, improvise, and take risks.

For those of you who are continuing your studies, we hope you’ll continue to advance your skills, earn your required credits, and move forward toward completing your degree. Gaps in core music study usually set students back, and it’s more effective for your learning and progress to keep going if you can, and not take any more than a summer off from your studies.

We’ve found that ear training courses work quite well when taught remotely. Many of us have years of experience successfully teaching online ear training courses prior to the current pandemic, and everyone has learned a lot about technology and online teaching and learning since March. We can achieve all the goals of each course and give you a full ear training education and experience if you give us your full participation online. 

We offer the full range of support to students studying ear training remotely, including: faculty office hours; tutoring; access to the department chairs; online practice materials and tools; ebooks and printed books; and, of course, the essential class meetings online.

We look forward to continuing to learn together in the virtual world until we can be back together. The skills you gain will serve you for a lifetime in music, whether you’re a performer, songwriter, composer, teacher, therapist, producer, or engineer. Learning together itself is a healing experience in this challenging time, and your musicianship will help you bring healing to this world through your music.

With best wishes,

Allan Chase, Chair, Ear Training
Roberta Radley, Assistant Chair, Ear Training

P.S. If you have any questions for us, please reach out: and

Changes to Office Hours and Appointments

Office hours and faculty department meetings to be held online.

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