The Berklee District

Looking for a place to safely meet fellow Berklee students after class? Reserve space at the Berklee District for the spring semester.

Located at the Hynes Convention Center (across the street from Berklee's 921 Boylston Street building), the Berklee District provides spaces to hold extracurricular activities, such as group meetings, performances, and other creative projects. It will be open in the evenings for reservations throughout the spring semester.


Inspired by the idea of a vibrant arts and music district where people have an opportunity to visit a variety of clubs, each offering a different vibe, the Berklee District allows you to create community and engage with the music you most identify with.

Applications are now open for reservations beginning on April 1, 2021.

Apply for Space

Deadline for submission: March 22, 2021

Special note for Conservatory students: The Conservatory has implemented a cohort system developed to keep students working together closely over the course of the semester in small groups. If you are a Conservatory student, all of your activities this semester will take place in your specific cohort. You are welcome to take advantage of the Berklee District and book space in the evenings, but you may only book space to be shared with other members of your cohort. 

Hours of operation: Monday–Friday, 6:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m.

Room details: The Berklee District offers eight spacious rooms (subject to availability) for reservation at the Hynes Convention Center. The maximum capacity is 16 people, per state distancing guidelines.

Questions? Email