Roles and Responsibilities


The student's role in this interactive process is to discuss the impacts of the disability, provide information/documentation on an as-needed basis, and share what disability accommodations have worked in the past. It is important for students to discuss accommodations with faculty so there can be a conversation about how the accommodations will be provided. Some accommodations require discussion and arrangements (i.e., how will the student get a copy of notes; what flexibility, if any, can be offered with attendance and deadlines; how testing accommodations will be handled). Students need to take an active role in setting up their accommodations with their faculty members. Disability Services staff members are available to help if there are any questions or concerns from instructors about accommodations.


The role of the Disability Services staff in this interactive process is to work with students and their instructors to identify barriers to accessing a course, program, service, or activity, and to recommend reasonable accommodations that mitigate the impact of the barriers but do not fundamentally alter the essential functions of the course, program, service, or activity.


The faculty’s role in this interactive process is to share their knowledge of the essential elements of the course or program. It is also the faculty’s role to contact the Disability Services staff if they believe that the recommended academic accommodations compromise the essential requirements of a course or program, or fundamentally alter a course or program.