Field Recordings / Submission Instructions - Field Recordings from Darfur

Following are the field recordings made by Linda Mason on her "women-to-women" visit to Darfur in January 2005. Two student-penned songs were brought to Darfur on this trip, and these field recordings are the responses Linda received after playing the songs for the women from her laptop. As you will hear when you listen to the tracks below, the women of Darfur responded with call-and-response singing, trilling, clapping, and in other musical and non-musical ways.

Upon Linda's return, the Women's Network at Berklee decided to reach out to the entire college community with the goal of making a full-length compilation CD to raise needed funds and awareness. A songwriting contest was announced and Berklee students, faculty, staff and alumni used these clips to create and inspire their songs. Over 40 songs were written and 18 selected for the recently released compilation.





Call-and-response singing. 0:54 9.0 mb No longer available
Spoken response to Berklee music. 0:27 4.6 mb No longer available
Trilling, clapping, talking. 0:15 2.8 mb No longer available
Male translator talking. 0:21 3.6 mb No longer available
Talking, clapping, trilling. 0:43 7.2 mb No longer available
Call-and-response singing, clapping, with translation. 0:29 5.0 mb No longer available
Children singing, followed by applause and call-and-response talking. 0:51 8.6 mb No longer available
Singing, trilling, clapping; spoken English commentary. 1:21 13.7 mb No longer available
Call-and-response singing and trilling with clapping; spoken English of the words "women," "sisters," and "America." 1:56 19.6 mb No longer available
Morning prayers in the distance; a rooster crows. 1:42 17.2 mb No longer available
Begins with people speaking; a woman sings, children sing; some laughter, some translation (some gaps/skips). 5:02 50.9 mb No longer available
Track begins with loud trilling, followed by singing, laughing. 0:38 6.5 mb No longer available
Children singing, laughter, talking (some gaps/skips). 2:44 27.6 mb No longer available
Singing, clapping, laughing, trilling. Some talk about the recording device two-thirds in (some gaps/skips). 2:30 25.3 mb No longer available
Children singing (some gaps/skips). 1:57 19.7 mb No longer available
Children singing and talking, followed by village sounds, and some singing near the end (some gaps/skips). 5:39 57.1 mb No longer available

The women of Darfur respond to Berklee's music.

Photo by Susan Romanski


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