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3 credit(s)
Course Chair: Robert C. Lagueux
Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Required of: None; elective course in all graduate programs
Electable by: All graduate students
Prerequisites: Written approval of program director
Department: GRST
Location: Boston Campus, Valencia (Spain) Campus

This course explores lyric writing and is designed both for experienced songwriters and those who are new at it. The course is tool-based, designed to dig into the craft of lyric writing, to explore practical strategies and techniques, and to reveal options and opportunities. Students explore strategies for finding and developing song ideas; they choose and organize song ideas more effectively; they explore and apply the concept of prosody; and they learn to create stable and unstable structures to support stable or unstable ideas. Students also explore the compositional elements that support lyric writing, including, among others number of lines and line lengths, rhyming, rhythm, titling, and phrasing. Students also learn how to critique their own work and the work of others, as well as how to revise lyrics to make them more effective.


1 credit(s)
Course Chair: Enric Alberich
Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring
Required of: None
Electable by: All
Prerequisites: None
Department: BVAL
Location: Valencia (Spain) Campus

Immersion into a different culture broadens understanding of one's own culture and society. This course develops students' awareness of and communication between cultures, highlights the importance of diversity, encourages conversation, and explores global issues in context. Its goal is to help students articulate their identity as artists and global citizens. The course is designed as a seminar, with hour-long weekly meeting, including speakers, visits, special events, and experiential learning. Students are required to perform a diversity-related project.


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