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3 credit(s)
Course Chair: Simone Pilon
Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Required of: MBUS majors
Electable by: All
Prerequisites: Passing score on the General Math Exam, LMSC-130, or completion of college level precalculus or higher; and LENG-111
Department Code: LART
Location: Boston Campus, Valencia (Spain) Campus

An analysis of supply and demand in the international music marketplace, as affecting issues of pricing, employment, the output of goods and services, and competition. Emphasis is also placed on the techniques of financial management found within a music-oriented business, including planning and forecasting, allocation of resources, and profit analysis, as well as the monetary transmission mechanisms found in international business. Note: For MBUS majors, this course can be used to fulfill the social science requirement for degree students.

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