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3 credit(s)
Course Chair: Cecil Adderley
Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring
Required of: MUED majors
Electable by: MUED majors
Prerequisites: ME-111
Department Code: MUED
Location: Boston Campus

Methods and materials for the instruction of general music in the elementary school are addressed in this class. This course will present theories of educational psychology as they apply to elementary music teaching. Preparation of lesson and unit plans as well as planning a K-5 music curriculum will be central to the course.  Development of singing skills, movement, directed listening, classroom instrument skills with a focus on soprano recorder, transition from rote to note teaching, and development of creative musical skills will form the primary strategies and tools for curriculum development. Discussion of classroom organization and management will be threaded throughout the curriculum. Requirements in this course include teaching as part of the preschool program at Berklee (KidsJam) and a minimum of 15 hours assigned observation in elementary schools.