Advanced DAW for Songwriters: Pro Tools

Electable by: 
SONG majors
Required of: 
SONG majors
Semesters Offered: 
Fall, Spring, Summer
Boston Campus
Courses may not be offered at the listed location(s) each semester. Consult for specific term availability.

Note: SW-261 replaces SW-361 as a songwriting major requirement. SW-361 is no longer offered as of 2017 spring.

The second level Pro Tools-based production course provides songwriters tools to compete in the current marketplace, equipping them with strategies needed to be in control of their content, enhance their songwriting skills and increasing their employability. In this course, students learn to create demos of their songs using a combination of recorded audio and synthesized/sampled textures in order to fit their needs. They use virtual instruments; learn to mic multiple audio sources; create semi-professional level mixes that incorporate groups, effects and effect chains; and more. Students create a personal workflow for composition, demo production and file management.

Course chair: 
Bonnie Hayes
Taught By