Music Therapy Practice in Conventional Medicine

MTH-515 and written approval of program director
Electable by: 
MTHE graduate students
Required of: 
MTHE graduate students not taking MTH-550 and MTH-551
Semesters Offered: 
Spring Only

This course enhances a student’s ability to practice music therapy in conventional medical settings. Students build upon studies in neuroscience and apply neurological music therapy protocols in clinical practice. They connect neuroscience with the elements of music that have the power to commit change that is measurable, meaningful, and relevant to the patient’s treatment plan and overall well-being. Students also explore key needs of various medical populations and select appropriate clinical interventions. As students analyze music therapy in medical literature, they cultivate an ability to communicate about the music therapy profession with medical colleagues. Students also synthesize knowledge of medical terminology and constructs as they analyze situations and apply ethical choices in clinical practice.

Course chair: 
Joy Allen