Spanish Music, Culture, and Society

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Fall, Spring
Boston Campus
Valencia (Spain) Campus
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In this course, students will become familiar with the underlying anthropological and sociological foundations of modern Spanish culture. The course content will provide a solid understanding of the cultural idiosyncrasy of the Spanish people in addition to an overview of Spain’s history. Students will also explore and analyze different trends and phenomena of modern day Spain, along with some traditions that still hold in our time. Spanish music history and artistry from ancient times to the present will be studied, with a special focus on the way that music shapes and is shaped by society. Students will study Spanish styles of music, including, among others, folk, popular music, and flamenco. An exploration of the ways that other Mediterranean cultures have shaped Spain will be used as a lens to explore music history, artistry, and culture. In addition, students will explore the ways that music is an expressive form that reflects and influences society.


Course chair: 
Simone Pilon