Berklee in the Classroom: Performance

Vocalists and instrumentalists who major in performance at Berklee enjoy complete immersion in music. There's private lessons, labs, performance studies courses, master classes, recording sessions, and opportunities to play at venues on-campus and off. And all Berklee student gets a taste of that immersion, because everyone at the college has to take at least four semesters of performance classes. In addition, whether or not you're majoring in performance, you'll have many chances to explore instruments other than your principal.

One course that provides that opportunity is Afro-Caribbean Rhythms and Percussion for Nonpercussionists, ILPH-293. We sent our video crew into the class to capture the scene as Eguie Castrillo, associate professor of percussion, led students on a musical and cultural journey. Castrillo, who has worked with Tito Puente, Paquito D'Rivera, Jennifer Lopez, and Steve Winwood, among many others, acts as a mentor to students looking to expand their musical pallette. In the five videos below, you'll meet Castrillo; Matt Marvuglio, dean of professional performance, and two students.