Latin Music Recording Ensemble

Overall ensemble rating 5
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Fall, Spring, Summer
Boston Campus
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The Latin Music Recording Ensemble is designed to train students in the art of recording live band tracks and live instrumental and/or vocal overdubs in a variety of Latin musical styles: Latin jazz, Brazilian, Latin funk, and salsa. Students work with the basic, overdub and mixing engineer. Each engineer may have a different approach and with individualized coaching from the professor, students each have an opportunity to lead their project (song) in the studio. Students  learn the proper terminology to address recording engineers before, during, and after each session. Lead engineers learn how to support and encourage the best performance from the artist, while coordinating with an assistant engineer. The basic engineer and the assisting engineers are responsible for setting up the studio and striking each recording session. Instrumentation set-up ranges from piano/keys, guitar, bass, drums, microphones, DI boxes, headphone mixers etc. Each recording session includes a rhythm section and other instrumentation as needed. This course emphasizes stylistic integrity, as well as melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic accuracy. Other instruments include: trumpet, trombone, tenor, alto, flute, synthesizer, piano, auxiliary keys, guitar, bass, drums, and percussion (vibes, conga, and timba). 

Course chair: 
Sean Skeete