Intermediate Jazzdance Technique

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Fall, Spring
Boston Campus
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This course provides an in-depth study of jazzdance technique and exposure to the eclectic range of jazzdance from its African roots to the fusion of styles today. The warm-up integrates elements of classical and "release" techniques with the stylization and rhythmic complexity characteristic of jazzdance. We will focus on developing strength and flexibility through alignment and correct use of the muscles and joints, in order to move with clarity and ease. Students will learn a wide range of jazz styles in relationship to the musical forms which inspired them (such as jazz, swing, and blues). We will emphasize signature elements of jazzdancing such as syncopation, initiation of movement from multiple locations within the body, isolations of various body parts, and expressiveness. The course's goals are to explore the traditions of jazzdance and its unique American heritage; to learn the elements of jazzdance and its stylistic range from the inherent influence of African dance through the American vernacular forms of the 20th century to the contemporary styles of today; to explore the fundamental connection between music and movement in jazzdance; and to develop dancers who are technically strong, somatically sophisticated, musical, and expressive.

Course chair: 
Tommy Neblett