Counseling Services | Intercultural Outreach

Intercultural understanding and support is offered to international and ALANA students, as well as the Berklee student body at large. Outreach services may include one-on-one discussion; small group dialogue; and referrals to on-campus support, including tutoring, mentoring, and scholarship, internship, career, and student club resources.

Berklee College of Music Antidiscrimination Policy

Berklee promotes mutual respect, equity, social and cultural awareness, appreciation, and international fellowship among all students, staff and faculty.

ALANA Students

ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, and Native American) students born in the United States continue to encounter specific socioeconomic hurdles. Through Intercultural Outreach efforts, the Counseling Center seeks to provide emotional, spiritual, and cultural reinforcement to facilitate the success of ALANA students at Berklee. To this end, the center offers an array of advising, special events, activities resources, peer connections, opportunities for unique cultural expression, and bridges to the wider Berklee community for overall institutional support.

International Students

Berklee College of Music has a vast population of international students, comprising 26 percent of its student body. The Counseling Center offers a range of counseling services (individual, counseling, group counseling, case management, and crisis management) to help students from nations overseas to become acclimated to the Berklee community, Boston area, and American society at large. 

Events/Special Programs

Outreach to students includes invitations to special programs through International Advising that fuse the arts with cultural diversity education. Events and programs are designed to enable students to grow in their appreciation of diversity, and to understand the intricate connection between music, their role as artists, arts facilitators, arts educators and advocates.