Core Curriculum: Music Tech

The Music Technology Core Curriculum and Introduction to Music Technology Exam

Music technology classes, in combination with arranging, ear training, and harmony courses, will provide you with a broad-based musical vocabulary, important skills for your major studies, and a well-rounded musical background. For those who feel that they already have a strong background in music technology, we provide an opportunity to "test out" of MTEC-111: An Introduction to Music Technology (see description below) through the Introduction to Music Technology Exam. However, all entering students are required either to complete the course or to "test out" by receiving credit for exam.

As noted, you may try online sample questions from the Introduction to Music Technology Exam.

MTEC-111: An Introduction to Music Technology

This course covers the following aspects of music technology: basic computer skills, microphones, principles of sound, MIDI, computer-based sequencing and notation, mixers and mixing, cables, synthesis, sampling, an introduction to digital audio, recording principles, effects processing, and audio in live performance.


  • Experiencing Music Technology by Peter Webster and David Williams
  • Introduction to Music Technology: MT-010 Handbook by Dr. Thomas Rhea

Glossary of Terms Used in Introduction to Music Technology