Conducting Core

The conducting core, in combination with ear trainingharmony, arrangingtonal harmony and counterpoint, and music technology courses, will provide you with a broad-based musical vocabulary, important skills for your major studies, and a well-rounded musical background. 

For more writing and arranging information, also see the Glossary of Terms Used and Recommended Reading List.

The conducting core courses for all majors other than music education and music therapy are COND-211: Conducting 1 and COND-212: Conducting 2 or COND-216: Conducting 1 with Live Keyboard Ensemble and COND-217: Conducting 2 with Live Keyboard Ensemble. By the successful completion of the two courses, students will have the basic knowledge and technique for conducting and rehearsing instrumental and vocal ensembles in a variety of styles, genres, and songs, including their own compositions. They will be able to evaluate and analyze scores in preparation of conducting rehearsals and performances.

Entrance Requirements

Required of all students except for music education and music therapy majors, who have major-specific conducting requirements. Students must successfully complete ET-211: Ear Training 3 or ET-231: Solfège 1 before enrolling in COND-211 or COND-216.

What the Program Gives You

Upon completion of this program, students will:

  1. Conduct instrumental and vocal music of a variety of styles and genres, including modern music with mixed and odd meters;
  2. Express a variety of tempos, articulations, dynamics, phrasing, and expressions through conducting gestures;
  3. Understand the standard setups of an orchestra and orchestral score;
  4. Analyze scores, including standard transpositions and clefs, and expressive/performance terminology;
  5. Make informed interpretive decisions based on score analysis;
  6. Anticipate and plan for rehearsal problems based on score analysis; and
  7. Develop deep knowledge of some essential repertoire.
Required Courses

COND-211: Conducting 1

COND-212: Conducting 2


COND-216: Conducting 1 with Live Keyboard Ensemble

COND-217: Conducting 2 with Live Keyboard Ensemble (note: this course is required for film scoring majors in lieu of COND-212)


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