David Friend Recital Hall

The David Friend Recital Hall is located on the ground floor of the Genko Uchida Building at 921 Boylston Street. The hall is a semicircular performance space with a horseshoe-shaped balcony designed by architect Shizuo Harada. According to building architect Myron Miller, Harada referred to the recital hall as "the typhoon room: a metaphor for Berklee's success in spinning out talented musicians around the whole world."

The David Friend Recital Hall seats 160 audience members. "It's gorgeous and it's really geared toward acoustic music," said Vessela Stoyanova, an alumna from Bulgaria who majored in performance and film scoring. "The room has a very natural sound and works well for unamplified instruments." 

Located across from the Hynes Convention Center, the David Friend Recital Hall is easily accessible by public transportation, with garage parking available nearby.

Watch a performance recorded in the David Friend Recital Hall here: