Commencement 2003 - Message

Commencement 2003 - A Message from Alumni Affairs

I would like to first congratulate you on your upcoming graduation this May, and secondly introduce myself as the Director of Alumni Affairs at Berklee. In a few months you will be joining the impressive roster of Berklee alumni, and in welcoming you, I would like to take a quick moment to share with you some of the services that the college provides alumni.

Within the past two years the college has provided lifetime email accounts for all alumni, and to date we have over 4,000 alumni using the service. In addition, usage of the alumni website has dramatically increased, and more and more graduates are taking advantage of the employment and performance listings, Berklee Today online, alumni notes, alumni event listings, message boards, and news and information regarding Berklee.

As we continue to build Berklee's online presence, we urge you to become involved. Exciting new initiatives such as are coming to light, and more advances are still on the horizon. The college continues to be committed to providing more services to our alumni, and by staying connected to Berklee you will see the benefits first-hand. In addition, we all know the importance of networking in this industry, and a great way to stay connected with friends, the college, and the alumni community at large is through the alumni publication, Berklee Today.

Finally, if you decide to leave Boston after graduation, there are a variety of active alumni chapters, domestically and internationally, which can provide excellent networking opportunities. The Office of Alumni Affairs continues to promote alumni activities, and hosts over 25 alumni events per year. Recent events have included "ASCAP 101 – Your Music, Your Rights", New York Alumni Showcase @ Cutting Room, Berklee at the Blue Note, Alumni Reunion Brunch - Years 1975-80, and many others.

As you are preparing plans for post-graduation, I urge you to begin thinking about how the Office of Alumni Affairs can assist you in your future endeavors. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at (617) 747-2449, or stop by my office located on the 6th floor of the 1140 Boylston Street building. I look forward to meeting you shortly.


All the best,
Adrian Ross '96

Director, Alumni Affairs