Commencement Guide 2000

Class of 2000 Graduation Guide

A Message to Seniors from Lawrence E. Bethune,Vice-President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students

Dear Seniors:


Special Thanks to the Senior Committee:
Deena Coppola, Meezanne Hanna, Julie Johnson, David Middleton, Dwynette Yearwood

Well, it won't be long, now. Soon, you'll be out in the real world. Hopefully all the great education and experience you've gained here at Berklee (as well as the "minor" obstacles like last fall's registration!) have prepared you well for what lies ahead.


But now is not the time for speeches; there will be plenty of time for that during Commencement. Now is the time to plan for all the events that occur as part of your graduation.

Angela Davis, the Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs, prepared this booklet to help you get a handle on the events that are part of Commencement at Berklee. There will be more information coming to you, but this guide gives you a great overview. I thank Angela for her efforts to make this a great graduation for you all.

If you or your family have any questions about Commencement 2000, please contact my office at (617) 747-2231 or email us at <>.

Graduation is an exciting time of the year at Berklee. YOUR graduation is the most important event we've ever held. I wish you the best and hope you enjoy every minute of the events planned for you.


Lawrence E. Bethune
Vice-President for Student Affairs/
Dean of Students