Professional Network (ProNet) Registration

Berklee's Professional Network (ProNet) is a global network of Berklee alumni who have volunteered to mentor Berklee students. The objective of this program is to match Berklee alumni with current students who have similar career interests. There is no expectation that the mentor will be able to directly assist in the student's job search by providing an introduction to the mentor's current or former employers or by networking on behalf of the student.

Common topics to discuss include:

  • What to expect when transitioning from college to the professional world;
  • How your career path has evolved to where it is currently;
  • Advice you would give looking back on your experience;
  • Realistic career goals based on a student's interests and experience;
  • What's happening musically in your geographic area;
  • Resources you've found most useful (for networking, finding local employment, or even finding a place to live); and
  • Referrals to others who can help expand a student's opportunities.

How It Works

  1. Students use the Berklee Career Manager to search the ProNet for alumni mentors by keyword, employer, career field, major, location, etc.
  2. Students express interest through the system.
  3. The alumnus is notified via email and responds to the student's inquiry. This may be a one-time response, or further communication may happen if a good impression is made and the alumnus' time allows.

Remember: alumni can set limits on how many students contact them every month, and profiles can be deactivated/reactivated as necessary.

Joining ProNet

An alumni account is required to create a ProNet profile on the Berklee Career Manager. If you do not yet have one, request an alumni account and then request to join ProNet below. The email address associated with your alumni account will be the email address all ProNet correspondence will be sent to.

Complete this form to join ProNet.