The Tools You Need

Our services go well beyond advising. The CDC offers you a number of resources—references, databases, office equipment—to help you with your career research.

Career Library

The Career Development Center has a collection of materials designed to assist you in planning your music career:

  • More than 200 videos addressing a wide range of vocational and personal topics, including interviews and workshops with artists and experts who have visited Berklee.
  • More than 200 free music industry and career-related handouts pulled from trade magazines and web sites.
  • A reference library that includes all the best annual industry directories related to specific areas such as radio, print media, and television, as well as others for particular music styles such as classical, jazz, country, folk, and Latin.
  • More than 30 music industry trade and consumer periodicals and magazines.
  • College and graduate school catalogs, and test preparation materials (e.g., GRE, LSAT).
  • Information on competitions, festivals, seminars, grants, and scholarships.

Jobs/Gigs Database

Here you'll find lots of opportunities to collaborate and network with musicians off campus, not to mention earn some extra money. Every day, we receive postings from bands and businesses, schools and summer camps, and many more employers with openings for Berklee students—12 job categories in all. In a typical semester, we post over a thousand listings.

Berklee Career Network

In the music industry, it's important to know the right people. Fortunately for you, thousands of them have graduated from Berklee over the years. To help put you in contact with Berklee alumni, the CDC has set up the Berklee Career Network. This directory contains listings of alumni located in a variety of places and engaged in careers related to Berklee's major fields of study. These alumni volunteer to speak about the work they do, their locations, their career development, and job search strategies.

Music Career Work Center

Think of the CDC as your music career work center. When you want to write letters, edit your resume, or design a flyer for your band, you can do it at the CDC. With six computers, a laser printer, and a photocopier at your disposal, the CDC is the perfect place to prepare the materials you need for your job search.