Berklee Career Network

The Berklee Career Network (BCN) is a special database of accomplished Berklee alumni, like yourself, who have authorized the Career Development Center (CDC) to share their contact information with advice seekers (typically, current students and new graduates).

As a Berklee Career Network advisor, you will be asked to maintain an up-to-date profile that includes your career activities, the type of advice you feel you are most suited to provide, and your preferred contact info. The CDC staff will screen advice seekers and provide appropriate matches with a copy of your profile.

The benefits of the Berklee Career Network are immeasurable. Accomplished alumni with real experiences in specialized fields are an incredible resource for the Berklee community to learn from.

If you have any questions about becoming a BCN advisor, please contact the Career Development Center at 617 747-2246, or email the center at

Thank you for giving back in this incredible way!