Wachter Fellowships

Want to expand your internship into a career-defining experience? Established in October 2016 by former Berklee parents Paul and Liza Wachter, these funded fellowships support experiential learning opportunities in the music and entertainment industry in the Los Angeles area. This program will provide financial support and mentorship to five interns per year during the summer semester. The fellowship is open to those participating in the LA Summer Internship Program. 

Turn Your Internship into a Foundation

Paul Wachter is a long-time financial advisor to many of the biggest names in entertainment and sports, including Jimmy Iovine, LeBron James, and Bono. If you are selected, you will work in collaboration with Berklee staff in Los Angeles to foster music industry connections for you through workshops, events, and/or individual meetings.

"You have to have the foundation to earn people's respect and trust, and then you can have a relationship that's much broader." — Paul Wachter

How to Apply

The 2018 summer fellowship will be awarded to up to five undergraduate students participating in the L.A. Summer Internship Program. For more information, contact Jenna Logue

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