Plan Your Career

Plan Your Career with the Berklee Career Center

In addition to focusing on your studies while at Berklee, it's never too soon to begin charting your post-graduation course. In fact, it’s best to have some idea of what that course will be prior to selecting your major at Berklee. The first step is to understand what it is you would like to do.

Career Planning 101

Your Berklee education should align with the work you hope to engage in after you graduate. If you don’t know what that is yet, don’t worry; you are not alone, and the Berklee Career Center is here to help you. The five-step plan below includes some tools and ideas that may be useful as you give careful consideration to this important decision.

  1. Know yourself. What are your skills, interests, work habits, and values? Understanding these can help you figure out what kind of career would best suit you. Explore our Self-Assessment and Defining Your Goals pages for resources that can help you more fully explore these foundational questions.
  2. Know your field. Once you understand your skills, interests, priorities, and values, the next step is to find opportunities that align with them. For those interested in careers in the music or performing arts industries, explore our Careers in Music directory as well as the Career Communities site. Both offer information on many of the more common jobs within the music industry.
  3. Connect the classroom to your career. With your goal in mind, select a major that will prepare you for success in that area. Meet with Berklee Career Center advisors and academic advisors to be sure that your course of study will help you gain the skills and sensibilities you’ll need to advance in your chosen career path.
  4. Do your homework. Beyond your coursework, consider attending professional development programs and events. Use the Berklee Hub to subscribe to announcements from the Career Center and your personalized areas of interest, and check it regularly to see when there are events that may help enrich the knowledge you plan to leverage into a career.
  5. Get started. Don't wait until after graduation to start looking for a job. You may also wish to consider an internship. The Career Center staff can help you explore your options; many internships tailored to Berklee students are posted on the Berklee Career Manager. In addition, look for chances to learn more about your chosen field from professionals working in it at clinics and master classes or via college-sponsored trips to industry hotbeds such as Los Angeles; Nashville, Tennessee; New York City; and Atlanta, Georgia.

Career Planning Timeline

For those undergraduate students who wish to enter Berklee with a more structured career development plan in mind, the Career Center offers the planning timeline below as one route to career preparedness. However, there isn't a one-size-fits-all path to career planning, so if you are an upper semester student just turning your attention to career plans, don't panic. You still have time, and there is no time like the present to get started.

No matter which semester you're in, we recommend that you read through the timeline for all of the undergraduate years below. If you are an upper semester student, you may want to tackle some of the tasks suggested for earlier semester students to make your next steps more rewarding. If you're in your first or second year, it's helpful to look ahead; that way, you can establish a roadmap for yourself so that you can move forward knowing what you'll need to carve out room for further down the road.