Employer Guidelines: Compensating Berklee Talent

Berklee students can perform live at your event

Berklee students and alumni are among the most respected artists across the globe. They have spent years honing their craft in performance, composition, technology, business, education, and music therapy. You can count on Berklee's diverse talent to fulfill your professional needs.

If you are interested in hiring members of the Berklee community, compensation should reflect the high quality of their talent and should be no lower than minimum wage. Positions should be paid according to the industry standard (for example, performers may receive $150, or 120€, per person per hour), so please budget accordingly.

Although we discourage posting unpaid opportunities to our highly qualified artistic community, certain extenuating circumstances may allow for this, such as a benefit event for an organization with less than $500,000 in annual business, or an organization that often hires volunteers as part of its regular business practice.