Copy and Printer Services

Xerox manages the document and printer services at Berklee. This includes the copy operations at 1108 Boylston Street (rear) and the maintenance of copy machines and printers (Xerox and HP printers) across the Berklee campus.

For questions regarding copy services, please contact

Xerox provides management of many of our network printers. Xerox services for these "in scope" printers includes break/fix, monitoring, and automatic toner replenishment.

Non-Xerox Printer Services

Eligible Printers

Xerox Asset TagUnfortunately, not all of our printers are eligible for this service. You will be able to tell which printers are covered under the XPS program by the distinctive asset tag which displays the toll-free XPS Help Desk number and the serial number of the device. Although the XPS program provides proactive service, if you do call the toll-free number for service or toner, you will be asked to identify where you are calling from (the name of the company where you work) and the serial number of the device (this is printed on the asset tag) so that the Help Desk agent can quickly service your request.

Break-Fix Service

Xerox will be monitoring networked "in scope" printers for hardware issues through an application installed on our network. However, you may also phone Xerox for service if you have a broken printer that they have not already contacted you about. For the printers that are not "in scope", please contact

Toner Replacement

XPS will automatically replenish toner cartridges for "in scope" printers based on the toner level and the printer usage. A member of the campus Xerox Copy Center will then proactively change the toner cartridge when your toner levels are low.

Calling for Printer Service

Each non-Xerox printer "in scope" has a Xerox asset tag with the printer's serial number and the phone number to the XPS Help Desk. Call the XPS Help Desk number on the sticker if you are having issues with your desktop HP printer. If your HP printer does not have a sticker, please email: