Pre-Arrival and Arrival Information for Summer 2021

When to Arrive

The summer semester pre-arrival and arrival process is different from the spring; you do not need to arrive far in advance of your program because, in keeping with current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, you do not need to quarantine when you arrive on campus. 

Commuter students: Arrive anytime before your program start date.

Residential students: Arrive on your assigned move-in day (either May 19 or 20). You received your move-in information in an email on Friday, April 9. 

Before You Come to Campus

Students traveling from outside Massachusetts must comply with all Massachusetts travel guidelines, in addition to following Berklee’s arrival guidelines. 

1. Make safe choices before coming to campus.

Before coming to campus, limit your interactions with people outside your household as much as possible. You do not need to quarantine; however, if you make safe choices and limit your potential exposure before you come to campus, you will have a better chance of getting a negative PCR test result so you can start your program on time. Monitor your symptoms, and notify Berklee if you need to delay your arrival.

2. Get a pre-arrival PCR test.

Whether or not you are vaccinated, you must receive a negative COVID-19 result on a PCR test administered not more than 72 hours before you arrive on campus (i.e., your program start date or move-in day). 

Only PCR tests will be accepted. If you upload a result from a non-PCR test (e.g., rapid/antigen), you will need to get tested again, which may impact your ability to start your program on time. 

You should not come to campus until you have proof of your negative test result, which you can upload in advance or show upon your arrival. Upload your results through the CoVerified app by 5:00 p.m. the day before your program starts.

When uploading your test result, please make sure the photo or PDF of your test result contains the following information: 

  • your full name;
  • the date that the test was administered;
  • the type of test (only PCR tests will be accepted); and
  • the result (negative).

If you have any questions about getting a PCR test and uploading your result, please email

3. Download the CoVerified app.

Through the CoVerified app, you will report any new symptoms (your daily attestation), schedule tests, and view test results. Access to Berklee buildings will be restricted to those with a clearance badge on their app each day.

Report your new symptoms through CoVerified each day you're on campus, including the day you arrive.

4. Complete your next steps checklist.

Complete all required tasks on your next steps checklist before starting the summer semester.

Special Considerations

When You Arrive

Once you have submitted your negative result from your PCR test and completed the other steps on your next steps checklist, your Berklee ID access will be turned on in time for you to access campus for the first day of your program (or, for residential students, your assigned move-in day).

During the semester, to continue accessing campus, make sure you do the following: