Berklee Today Archives: 1989-1999

1989, Archives

Berklee Today: Fall 1989

Emily Remler ’76 on First Impressions and the Inner Game of Music | Teaching the Music of Thelonious Monk

Berklee Today: Summer 1989

George Martin on Music, Memories, and Modern Technology | Alumni News: Where Are They Now

1990, Archives

Berklee Today: Fall 1990

Arif Mardin '61 on the Past and Present of Popular Music | The Roots of Reggae

Berklee Today: Spring 1990

Alan Silvestri '70 on Scoring the Hits | Tendinitis: Prevention and Cure | Myth and MIDI

Berklee Today: Summer 1990

Ernie Watts ’66 on the Common Chords of Contemporary Music | Realities Behind the Stereo Illusion

1991, Archives

Berklee Today: Fall 1991

Terri Lyne Carrington ’83 on Growing Up and Staying Young | Practicing the Art of Silence

Berklee Today: Spring 1991

Sadao Watanabe '65 on the Joys of Life After 50 Albums | Building the Digital Orchestra

Berklee Today: Summer 1991

Abraham Laboriel ’72 on the Rewarding Journey to First Bass | Special Extended Alumni Section

1992, Archives

Berklee Today: Fall 1992

Branford Marsalis '81: Upfront with the Bandleader of the "Tonight Show" | Music Publishing Rights and Revenues

Berklee Today: Spring 1992

Joe Zawinul '59 on jazz, folklore, and life in the new Syndicate | Teaching the Business of Music

Berklee Today: Summer 1992

John Scofield ’73: Up Close and Personal with the Jazz Road Warrior | Backstage at the Grammy Awards

1993, Archives

Berklee Today: Fall 1993

Top guitarslinger Steve Vai '79 on playing rock with heart and mind | Is Your Name Worth Protecting?

Berklee Today: Spring 1993

Toshiiko Aki!loshi ’57: Pathfinder for women in jazz | Is digital audio better than analog?

Berklee Today: Summer 1993

Jan Hammer '69 on scoring with "Miami Vice," Mahavishnu and Beyond the Mind’s Eye | Indie CD Realities

1994, Archives

Berklee Today: Fall 1994

Mike Stern '75: Blistering the Frets With Miles, Steps Ahead, and His Own Trio | Alternatives in Record Distribution

Berklee Today: Spring 1994

Woodwind Modernist Joe Lovano ’72: Blending Invention with Jazz Tradition | Negotiating a Recording Contract

Berklee Today: Summer 1994

Studio Ace John "J.R." Robinson ’75: L.A.’s Hit Man | The Musician Mind

1995, Archives

Berklee Today: Fall 1995

Harvie Swartz '70: At the top of the list of New York’s bottom liners | Band dissolutions and disillusions

Berklee Today: Spring 1995

Quincy Jones ’51: The Best Is Yet to Come | Musician’s Maladies

Berklee Today: Summer 1995

Herb Pomeroy '52: Reflections on his Four Decades at Berklee | L.A.’s Post-production Music Scene

1996, Archives

Berklee Today: Fall 1996

Patty Larkin '74: Melodies and Metaphors of the 90s | Ethics and the Music Business

Berklee Today: Spring 1996

AI Di Meola ’74: A Iook back and forward 20 years after RTF | Somatic education for musicians

Berklee Today: Summer 1996

AIf Clausen '66: The inside story on scoring the hit series "The Simpsons" | Winds of Change: A CD price increase up ahead?

1997, Archives

Berklee Today: Fall 1997

Top film composer Howard Shore ’69: Making the subliminal connection | Musicians' Health: Striving for Balance

Berklee Today: Spring 1997

Steve Smith '76: A Different Drummer | Musical Collaborations | Writing Accurate Chord Symbol

Berklee Today: Summer 1997

Brad Whitford ’71 and Joey Kramer ’70: Nine Lives with Aerosmith | Lyle Mays on Composing

1998, Archives

Berklee Today: Fall 1998

Bill Frisell ’78: Unwitting Iconoclast | Reflections on Teaching | Hearing by Interval

Berklee Today: Spring 1998

Paula Cole ’90: She’s not so ordinary | Music Educators: Reaching the young

Berklee Today: Summer 1998

Neil Stubenhaus '75 : First bassman for 20 years on L.A's "A Team" | Careers in Nashville</li></ul>

1999, Archives

Berklee Today: Spring 1999

Rob Mounsey ’75: Lots of Monkey Business | An Appreciation of Duke | Touring Tips