Help for the Journey



  Jim Ricciuti, director of Alumni Affairs and the Berklee Fund
  Mike Magee



As the new director of alumni affairs and the Berklee Fund, I am inspired to be part of this unique community of artists, musicians, innovators, educators, and entrepreneurs. You know firsthand what a special place the college is, and our goal is to keep you connected to it and one another.

I've met some of you, and in time, I hope to meet many more. Your Berklee education has led you down many paths. Alumni occupations range from recording engineers and real estate appraisers to composers and computer programmers. Many students have told me that key musical skills, such as improvisation and self-discipline, have been invaluable in their life journey. You'll take the lessons learned at Berklee everywhere. You may not know where your path will lead; but like a great jazz solo, that's the thrill of it.

At the Office of Alumni Affairs, we seek to help you along the way, both virtually and in key geographic areas where alumni have congregated since graduation. The Berklee Music Network is the online community for alumni, students, faculty and staff. If you haven't already, I urge you to create a profile on the site at You can connect, collaborate, and explore without the limitations of geography. In Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, and Atlanta-music epicenters with high concentrations of Berklee alumni-we offer networking and professional development events on myriad topics relevant to today's music industry.

Take advantage of the monthly alumni affairs e-newsletter. In it you'll find information on job opportunities, events, Berklee happenings, and more. This newsletter gives you a complete picture of alumni offerings that are available. If you haven't received it, send your email address to

A successful, thriving Berklee alumni community relies on your involvement. It's just one way to give back. Another powerful way is through participation-with a gift at any level that is comfortable for you-to the Berklee Fund. You know firsthand that Berklee is unique. We can succeed only with participation and financial support from alumni.

Reflect on your Berklee experience. Remember your classes and classmates, your teachers and bandmates. Remember the moments of discovery and the exhilaration of achievement. Remember the reward of your hard work and the fulfillment of collaborating with fellow students.

Your experience was made possible by those who came before you. The generosity of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends of Berklee make it what it is today and what it will be tomorrow. Giving back is how the Berklee community, like every community, not only survives but thrives. While some may believe that modest gifts don't matter, nothing is further from the truth. No matter the amount, your contribution telegraphs that you are confident about Berklee's future impact. When donors contemplate substantial gifts, some ask about alumni participation in the Berklee Fund. For them, participation conveys alumni loyalty, which is very important.

Thank you for helping make Berklee the special place that it is. You are our best resource in our efforts to provide the services you value. Please contact me at with thoughts, questions, or feedback on your alumni experience. Together, we can make your Berklee experience, and that of others, last a lifetime.