Giant Steps — Many Thanks!

  Debbie Bieri
  Phil Farnsworth

This year marked the fifth and final year of Giant Steps, Berklee's first-ever capital campaign. When we launched the campaign, we were advised to set a goal of $20 million. After much discussion, we set it for $35 million. It quickly became apparent that we could reach even higher, so we raised the goal to $40 million, and then to $50 million. In the end, we smashed even that goal, raising $54.5 million.

So several thank-yous are in order. First, thank you to our campaign cochairs Mike Dreese and John Connaughton for leading us in this endeavor. It's as though we set out to run a half-marathon and, with their coaching, discovered that we are triathletes.

Thank you to the donors who reached deep into their pockets-often more than once-to support the college and the students who come here to discover how high they can really fly.

Thank you to the alumni, who gave time and money, generously sharing their experiences and insight with students hungry to know what it's like out there in the "real world."

Thank you to the parents who, in addition to tuition dollars, gave money to enrich the education that Berklee can offer to its students and those who will follow them.

Thank you to the faculty and staff members who worked to spread the message of what Berklee is all about-and for backing that message with their own gifts to the campaign. Such participation speaks volumes to those outside the college who were considering gifts.

Thank you to the visiting artists who unselfishly gave of their time, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for our students, and to the employers who gave those students real-world experience in the competitive industries to which they are so anxious to contribute.

And thank you to the students. You are the reason we're all here, and your passion, hard work, and determination inspires us all.

The Giant Steps campaign has taken Berklee College of Music to a new level. With the support of this campaign, Berklee has begun new innovative programs, such as the Berklee Global Jazz Institute and the American Roots Music Program. We have opened new facilities, including the 7 Haviland Street building and the Berklee in Valencia campus. Additionally, we've more than doubled our scholarship support to our students. As well, we've been able to offer faculty development opportunities, such as the Newbury Comics Faculty Fellowships.

Without all of our supporters, none of these achievements would have been possible. So, on behalf of the college, and with sincere gratitude, I say thank you.

-Debbie Bieri
Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement