A Chance to Say Thanks

  Joyce Jackson Dixon, Mark Turner '90, and Leandro Perpiñán '10


At a recent gathering in San Francisco, Leandro Perpiñán '10 finally met saxophonist Mark Turner '90 and his mother, Joyce Jackson. Perpiñán is the recipient of a Berklee scholarship established by Dixon in the name of her son.

Like Turner, Perpiñán is a saxophonist and enjoyed the opportunity to thank Dixon and talk shop with Turner, one of his musical influences, before returning to Spain to pursue a performance and teaching career.

This permanently endowed Berklee fund was created by Dixon to provide scholarship support for deserving students as a way to say thank-you for the education her son received at Berklee.

Also present for the occasion were Dixon's husband, Al Dixon, and Berklee Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement Marjorie O'Malley.