A Worthwhile Investment


  Matt Marvuglio '74
  Phil Farnsworth

Matt Marvuglio, the dean of the Professional Performance Division, has seen the college from the vantage point of a student, performer, composer, and faculty member. Now he can add another to the list: philanthropist. Marvuglio has pledged $50,000 to create the Marvuglio Family Endowed Scholarship at Berklee for students who are successful in multiple musical disciplines.

When he was asked what prompted his generous gift, Marvuglio says, "A wonderful benefit of working at Berklee is that family members can attend the college tuition-free. My sons Mike and David were good students, and they worked hard, but they were also very fortunate. Students write to me all the time for scholarship recommendations, so I know how many are scrambling for money, and I thought it would be nice to give back."

In determining how the money should be used, Marvuglio reflects on his student experience. "When I was a Berklee student," he says, "I felt that I could already play, so I became a composition major because I thought I needed to balance my strengths. Most scholarships at Berklee reward students who are really good at one thing, but this scholarship is intended to reward students who are successfully pursuing a balanced education."

The Marvuglio Family Endowed Scholarship is intended for students who have been at Berklee for at least a year and who have demonstrated that they can be successful in all their studies. Marvuglio observes, "One thing I've noticed is that if students don't get a big scholarship when they enter Berklee, it's very difficult to get more money later. I thought it would be good to start a scholarship for students who are already here. After they've shown some hard work and accomplishments, this would create an opportunity to increase their scholarship support. I see a lot of students who only need a little extra money to complete their degree. This would help them."

Marvuglio was inspired by his sons' entrepreneurship. "They were both in touring rock bands the whole time they were here," he says. "They were writing their own tunes, producing their own records, and using technology and music-business skills to book gigs. They created their own touring circuit, sold merchandise, and eventually played at Giants Stadium on the Warped Tour. They did it all on their own, and there are a lot of students like them who are achieving at a high level across disciplines. This is exactly what they'll need to be successful in their careers."

When asked why he chose $50,000 as a gift amount, Marvuglio says "I wanted the scholarship to be endowed so the award would come from the interest and the principal would generate more for future students. I'm at a point in my life where I can do this because Mike has already graduated and David is graduating this spring."

For some time, Marvuglio has wanted to create a scholarship. "If I'm going to put my money into something that's worthwhile, it's going to be education. I think whatever money goes into that is very useful. I liked the idea of an endowed scholarship that will continue to be useful."

To add to the Marvuglio Family Endowed Scholarship, contact Debbie Bieri at dbieri@berklee.edu, or call (617) 747-3096.