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Welcome to Berklee Today Online

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the new Berklee Today Website. I hope that this site will be one that you will want to visit often. There are many new features that this format offers and you will see some them start to appear in future Web editions. Berklee Today has always provided a way for people to connect back with the college and to see what their fellow alumni have been up to. The immediacy of reaching people via the Web will make that connectivity happen a bit faster. As well, musicians across the globe who aren't Berklee alumni can now have easy access to the articles in this magazine, so send this URL to your friends wherever they may be.

I hope you will also take advantage of the opportunity to submit your alumnotes via the new e-mail form accessible at left. Alas, even as quickly as things are changing, some others must stay the same. It is still best to send your CD jackets and photos to me via the post office (click here for postal address information). Scanned images vary in quality and resolution, so let us do the scanning for consistent high-quality images for both the print and Web editions.

All future issues of Berklee Today will appear on this page, and we will archive each issue online. If you have been trying to lay hands on that old issue with the interview with Joe Lovano or Paula Cole, don't despair though. You will have to resort to some time-tested technology however. Berklee Press has just issued a book titled Masters of Music: Conversations with Berklee Greats. It contains all of the cover stories that you won't find on this site, and is available for purchase via the Berklee Press web site.

So get comfortable, take your mouse in hand, and browse this site. Thanks for visiting, and stop by again.

Best regards,
Mark Small, Editor
Berklee Today