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Adrian Ross '96
Photo by Paul Brady

As we start to look beyond winter toward spring, I send out my wishes to you all for happiness and fulfillment in the year ahead.

Just before the end of last year, there were several very successful alumni events. On November 12, 2001, Livingston Taylor gave a clinic on stage performance in San Francisco. Taylor spoke before a very receptive audience of approximately 40 alumni and prospective students. He shared several of his professional experiences and offered valuable methods for capturing an audience and combating stage fright. Attendees were extremely attentive and focused, asking numerous questions. They appeared to be even more captivated during his performance.

The next evening in Boston, alumnus Joe Lovano '72 played in an intimate concert setting for approximately 50 alumni in the David Friend Recital Hall. His ensemble included faculty members Laszlo Gardony '85 on piano, Yoron Israel on drums, and John

Lockwood '77 on bass. Lovano and company played compositions from Lovano's newest album entitled Flights of Fancy as well as other material. A reception followed the performance where fellow graduates mixed and mingled and spoke to Joe about his recent accomplishments. For many who had not yet seen the David Friend Recital Hall, this was truly an excellent way to do so!

Saxophonist Joe Lovano '72 played a concert for the Boston Berklee Alumni Chapter at the David Friend Recital hall in November 2001. He was backed by faculty members Laszlo Gardony '85 on piano, Yoron Israel on drums, and John Lockwood '77 on bass
Photo by Toni Ballard
(From the left) Boston alumni Walter Beasley '84, Deena Anderson '81, and Lynette Gittens '91 at the November 29 holiday social
Photo by Toni Ballard
Michael Gibbs '63 (left) and Richard Niles '75 after their seminar in London, England
Photo by David McKay

On November 17, Vice President for Institutional Advancement David McKay hosted an event in London, England, at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. The featured speakers Michael Gibbs '63 and Richard Niles '75 discussed their careers arranging, composing, and producing music in London.


In what is becoming a year-end tradition, many alumni chapters held holiday socials that brought tremendous turnouts. In Boston, the Berklee Singers' Showcase again proved to be an added bonus for the more than 50 Boston-area alumni who attended the holiday social. Immediately after the reception, guests made their way to the Berklee Performance Center where they were entertained by over a dozen of the college's finest vocalists. An outstanding band, dancers, dramatic lighting, and video enhanced their performances. The event brought back memories for many alumni, and a number of them are already looking forward to next year's holiday-season festivities.


On December 9, Livingston Taylor hosted the New York Alumni Showcase and Holiday Social at Tammany Hall. The club was at full capacity when over 100 alumni turned out to celebrate the holidays, meet old friends, and hear some of the city's finest. Big thank-yous go to Antje, Ari David and Cristina Cruz, Ray Winch, Amy Ward, J.T. Gallagher, Fredrick Moehn, Kyler Englund, Brian Conigliaro, Eva Sklar, and Samantha Kane who gave up their evening to make the event a success. Given the strong turnout, next December's gathering without a doubt will be held at a much larger venue. For any performers in the New York area who did not get a chance to participate in December, we are planning another alumni showcase in the spring and will be in touch shortly with information.

On December 16, the Nashville Alumni Chapter held their annual holiday party hosted by chapter president Pamela Roller. We truly appreciate all of the alumni and Berklee's extended family members who volunteered and went all-out to make this event such a success. Over 60 alumni and guests showed up, making the Nashville gathering another landmark event.

In other news, tremendous effort is going into fine-tuning the new e-mail system (Campus Cruiser). The new system is much more efficient and will provide users with various new options. If you have any questions pertaining to the service please feel free to contact Adam Olenn at or by calling (617) 747-2407. Here's wishing you a great 2002. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

—Adrian Ross