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Alum Notes: Class Connections

Participants in the August meetings of the Admission Regional Representative Program included (from the left) Mark Reinhart '76, Dana Acker '88, Doug Gerry '90, Kevin Crosby '89, Jackie Landry '86, Gregg Martin '79, Greg Steele '95, Kevin Dixon '85, Andrea Cannon '78, Jim Cannon '77, and Adrian Ross '96.

The leaves in Boston have all changed colors as a reminder that summer has passed. Before it all fades from memory, I want to fill you in on some notable alumni events that took place at various locations in recent months.

In August, I had the opportunity to meet with nine members of the Admission Regional Representative Program.The Office of Admissions utilizes roughly 50 alumni regional reps to assist with various recruitment events across the U.S. and Canada. The group was on campus for two days of training. Over the course of several hours, we discussed ways to implement new services and programs and defined ways in which Berklee can further complement its alumni. If you are interested in additional information on the alumni admissions program please contact Dana Acker at <>.

Back in June, the New York alumni chapter held an event titled Learn the Rules of ProTools. This private master class led alumni through the various steps of recording a professional track using ProTools software. The workshop was held at VCA Studios in Manhattan, and examined some of the company's newest offerings in software and hardware.

Approximately 35 ProTools-savvy alumni were in attendance to absorb the many helpful hints. Many thanks to Bruce McPherson and Tony Carudo who led the event from start to finish, and for David Prentis from VCA Studios for providing an outstanding venue.

On September 18, the Boston alumni chapter also held a ProTools Masterclass at Berklee. Participants at this event were instructed by Assistant Professor Jeffrey Baust of the Music Synthesis Department. He examined the many uses of ProTools in music production and also spoke of the various advancements in ProTools software and its hardware products. Many thanks go to Baust and the 40 alumni who came out to touch up their production skills.

Over the summer months the alumni office has been working on several projects that will be of tremendous benefit to alumni. Among these is the introduction of lifetime e-mail accounts for all alumni. [See Berklee Offers All Alumni Free E-mail for Life in this issue.] I am pleased to announce that this service is available to all alumni, regardless of when your last year at Berklee was. To take advantage of the service, visit the Alumni Pages of this website.

Another service that is available to alumni that may be unknown to some, is the "Catch of the Day" employment listing, which is provided by the college's Career Development Center. About 90 percent of these opportunities are based in the New England states. Additional employment opportunities and notices for alumni events in Boston, New York and Los Angeles are periodically distributed via e-mail by myself or Peter Gordon. To be added to any of these e-mail lists, please contact me at <>.

As a final note I would like to welcome two new alumni chapter presidents, Sarah Walter Sharp in Austin, Texas and Karen Kindig in San Francisco. If you haven't already done so, do not hesitate to reach out and say hello.


Until next time,
Adrian E. Ross '96

Director of Alumni Affairs