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Allowable Deductions Checklist

Vehicle mileage allowance of $.32 per mile (To take this deduction an accurate log of business mileage must be kept.)
Parking, transportation, and food expenses for professional travel
Rehearsal space rental fees
Telephone expenses (The taxpayer must have at least two lines to qualify for this deduction. Cellular service is considered a second "line.")
Stage clothing and dry cleaning expenses (only outfits appropriate for stage wear exclusively may be deducted)
Full or partial cost of purchasing a computer
Software for contract writing, music editing, notation, and sequencing
Costs associated with conducting business via the Internet (includes ISP costs, web site development, and hosting charges)
Promotion costs: photos, mailings, cost of throwing a CD release party
Instrument and/or voice lessons (individual circumstances dictate whether this is an allowable expense)
Cost of rented or leased equipment
New musical equipment purchases
Equipment repair or maintenance costs
Cost of vaccinations for foreign touring
Cost of applicable insurance (equipment, liability, worker's compensation, health and dental insurance)
Portion of home mortgage deduction (if office space or rehearsal space is maintained there)
Cost of tax return preparation