Continuing Education via Berklee Media

Berklee Media fuels Berklee College of Music's expansion into new media and markets. The group is a pioneer of innovative online, printed, and video resources that extend the reach and influence of Berklee's vibrant community by giving musicians, music educators, and music-industry professionals around the globe access to the provocative ideas, proven teaching methods, rich curriculum, and powerful professional networks that will prepare them for a life in music.

Berkleemusic is the first online school, job site, and networking destination for the music industry. Created by Berklee College of Music, the world's singular learning lab for the music of today and tomorrow, is the only place where music education and career development are seamlessly combined to give musicians, music educators, and music industry professionals around the world instant access to the best classes, jobs, talent, ideas, tools, connections, and opportunities available in music.

Berklee Press
Berklee Press is the only publisher of music instruction books and videos based on Berklee College of Music's renowned teaching methods and curriculum. Written by professional musicians, including respected Berklee faculty and alumni, Berklee Press titles enable each reader to learn about the performance, business, technology, and songwriting of music on their own terms, turf, and timetable.