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Berklee Beat

Berklee's Helping Hands

By Marjorie O'Malley

Berklee Alumni Invest in Berklee City Music

New Media, New Money

New Media, New Money

By Mark Small

While there are still lots of issues to sort out regarding copyright, royalty payments, file sharing, the future of the CD, and more, one thing is certain: the digital age offers more opportunities for composers of original music than ever.

Scoring Big at Symphony Hall

Composer/conductor Lucas Vidal ’07
Blue Note CEO at Berklee

Blue Note CEO at Berklee

Bruce Lundvall Phil Farnsworth

The Woodshed

Three Degrees of Memory

Three Degrees of Memory

This lesson explores the process of memorizing music so you can gain greater confidence in your playing. Once you get hooked on these processes, you’ll want to memorize everything.

Regional Spotlights

The Alumni Beat

The Alumni Beat

By Karen Bell

Graduation has come and gone, and it’s time to welcome the class of 2007 into the Berklee College of Music alumni network.

Nashville Notes

Dave Petrelli '05

After weeks of unseasonably cool weather, the familiar warmth has returned to Music City. Before we look forward to the heat of summer, let’s recap the past few months.


On the Way Home

On the Way Home

As a third-year doctoral student in psychology at New York University, I study people as well as their culture and environment. I’m captivated by the vast diversity of everyone around me in this city.