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Scoring in Los Angeles

By Mark Small

Alumni find their niche writing for video games, animated TV shows, documentaries, feature films, and more.

Berklee Beat

Scholarships: Investing in Extraordinary Students in Need of Support

By Cindy Albert Link

As Berklee Today goes to press, Soundbreaking: The Campaign for Berklee reached $83.7 million on the way to its $100 million goal, a remarkable milestone as the third year of the campaign’s five-year public phase begins.

Hamilton's Helpers

By Mark Small

Harvard and Berklee to Offer Dual Degree in 2017

Harvard and Berklee to Offer Dual Degree in 2017

By Nick Balkin

In the fall of 2017, Harvard College and Berklee will launch a new five-year dual degree. The new program will enable students to earn a bachelor of arts at Harvard and a master of music or a master of arts at Berklee. Student applications for the program are now being accepted.

Scholarship Support from Japan

By Virginia Fordham

Expanding the Board of Trustees

Among the many details involved in merging the Boston Conservatory with Berklee College of Music is the expansion of the board of trustees to include board members from the Conservatory. Below is a brief professional career biography for each of the members as an introduction to the Berklee...

Music Education on a Massive Scale

By Pat Healy

When Leah Waldo ’10 was preparing for graduate work at Harvard, she learned the value of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). The math MOOCs she took far surpassed her experience with commercially available textbooks. Typically, MOOCs consist of filmed lectures, quizzes, peer-to-peer reviews,...

Graduate Students Take Flight

Graduate Students Take Flight

By Amanda Tornel / Mark Small

The Woodshed

The Woodshed: Fiddling with Jazz Chords

Fiddle tunes are an incredibly deep reservoir of instrumental melodies that have been molded by the passage of time, and yet, they remain infinitely malleable.

Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony: Working at the Grammys

By Mark Small

For the past two years, Jeriel Johnson ’05 has worked for The Recording Academy® in Los Angeles. He was recently promoted to the role of senior project manager and oversees the awards process for the R&B, rap, and reggae style categories leading up to the Grammy Awards.

Regional Spotlights

L.A. Spotlight

By Justine Taormino / Zack Lucia

In an industry filled with celebrity musicians and blockbuster movies, it’s a challenge to cultivate opportunities and relationships in an organic fashion.

Nashville Pros

By David Petrelli

Mike Puwal Chad Lee

Ray Greene: Here, There, Everywhere

By Curtis Killian

Ray Greene '96

Producer on the Rise

By Peter Gordon

Nolan Lambroza


Learning Things That Don't Come Naturally

By Mark Small

During a wide-ranging conversation, I asked now retired professor emeritus Hal Crook if he had set any goals for himself after his retirement from the college. He answered with characteristic wit.

Lead Sheet

Understanding the Role of a Teacher

By Max Levinson

The immediate result of in-depth work was that I played three measures of Bach significantly better than I had before the lesson. But I learned some other things that day as well.

Faculty Highlights

In July, Associate professor George Howard provided commentary to New England Cable News about the Led Zeppelin copyright suit and the Trump campaign’s use of Queen’s music.

Assistant chair of the Liberal Arts Department Mike Mason contributed the article “Mentoring and Socialization of Future Senior Student Affairs Officers” to the Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice.

Alumni News

by Mark Small

After hearing Prasanna’s guitar playing, my first impression was that I’d never seen or heard anyone approach the instrument as he does. The seemingly endless variety of long and short glissandi and other left-hand inflections in his solos give his playing a most exotic sound

Don Breithaupt of Santa Monica, CA, released the album Left in June with his band Monkey House. The album features guest appearances by Steely Dan alumni Jay Graydon, Elliott Randall, Drew Zingg, and Michael Leonhart. Also joining Breithaupt were songwriter Marc Jordan, saxophonist Donny McCaslin ’88, and vocalists David Blamires and Lucy Woodward.

Jan Uwe Leisse of Cologne/Germany was the legal adviser for the award-winning documentary and album I Go Back Home starring Jimmy Scott, Joe Pesci, and David Sanborn. The film premiered at SXSW 2016, and was presented by Quincy Jones ’51 at the Montreux Jazz Festival in July. Visit