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Berklee Beat

It Must Be Fall

By Mark Small

During the Labor Day weekend, U-Haul trucks and cars packed with musical gear, suitcases, desk lamps, and more to be carried into dorm rooms, signaled fall’s arrival in Boston.

Bonnie Hayes

Comings and Goings

By Mark Small

Bonnie Hayes has been named the chair of the college’s Songwriting Department.

Lifting Spirits at the Newport Folk Festival

By Mary Hurley

Just like a raise-it-to-the-rafters gospel song, the audience’s refrain of “Wow! These kids can sing” was repeated often during the August 1 appearance of the Berklee Gospel and Roots Choir at the Newport Folk Festival.

Expert Testimony

Robert Etoll

Robert Etoll '73

By Mark Small

If you ever watch TV or go to the movies, you’ve heard music and sound design elements created by Robert Etoll as he ratchets up the impact of a movie trailer or a TV promo spot.

The Woodshed

Mitch Coodley '75

Layering Guitar Parts

By Mitch Coodley

Over the past 50 or 60 years, guitar styles have changed through the influences of each new generation. And yet the basics of guitar playing—in particular, rhythm guitar parts—continue to underpin the current trends of picking, strumming, and the use of effects.


Courtney Hartman ’12

Things We Can't Forget

By Courtney Hartman

Last winter I spent six weeks on tour in South and Central Asia with my bluegrass band Della Mae.

Regional Spotlights

Dow Brain ’88

Boston Beat

By Michael Gaskins

Dow Brain ’88
From the left: Britnie Stingelin, Mallory Zumbach, Josh Gruss, Michael Lau, and Neil Gillis.

New York Spotlight

By Arielle Schwalm

Round Hill Music is a boutique-size music publisher based in New York City that’s staffed with a team of people who are passionate about music.

Aaron Kaplan ’96

L.A. Newsbriefs

By Justine Taormino

Aaron Kaplan ’96
Quincy Jones (left) and Will Wells during a session at Capitol Records Studios.

Auspicious Beginnings

By Peter Gordon

After graduating from Berklee in May 2011, Will Wells faced a quandary common to many of his peers: where to begin his career.

Charlie Worsham

Nashville Notes

By David Petrelli

Since graduating from Berklee, Charlie Worsham has been building a successful career one brick at a time. For more than a year, Worsham has been signed on the Warner Music label.

Global Groove

On the Road Again

By Jason Camelio

Students from the "It's All in the Song" performer and songwriter workshop in front of Santa Monica High School at the close of the August program.
One of the best ways to introduce music students to the Berklee teaching methodology is to bring the classroom to them. This was the concept envisioned by Gary Burton and Larry Monroe in the Berklee on the Road education series, which is offered in various locations.

Lead Sheet

Envisioning Berklee in 2025

160 Mass Ave.
By 2025, what should Berklee become? The world around us is changing faster than ever; and over the past 10 years, music and the music industry have experienced truly disruptive change. What will it be like 10 years from now?


Reaching for New Stars

By Jim Ricciuti

Thank you to all who gave to Berklee last fiscal year. With gifts that range from $1 to $1 million, you help Berklee provide a more affordable and life-changing experience for students.

Faculty Highlights

by Ryan Fleming

John Funkhouser

When you first meet someone as personable and mild-mannered as assistant professor John Funkhouser, the phrase “trial by fire” may not immediately jump to the fore.

Assistant Professor Rebecca Cline released the book Latin Jazz Piano Improvisation: Clave, Comping, and Soloing for Berklee Press.

Rebecca Kline

Professor Karen Wacks traveled to Uganda with Musicians for World Harmony. The group studied music therapy to address post-traumatic stress disorder among ex-child soldier survivors. 

Alumni News

by Mark Small

Miguel Kertsman

Miguel Kertsman ’86 is on the phone from his native Recife, Brazil. It’s mid September, and he is at the tail end of a vacation that reunited him with family members, but he also managed to squeeze some business into the trip.

Jeff Lorber of Pacific Palisades, CA, and the Jeff Lorber Fusion released the album Hacienda on Concord Records. It features drummer Vinnie Colaiuta ’75, bassist Jimmy Haslip, violinist Jean-Luc Ponty and other guests. Visit  

Brian Bigelow of Fall River, MA, has worked as the vice chairman of the Fall River School Committee and a city councilor. He is rebuilding AFM Local 216 as the director of development and community affairs.