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Alumni Composer Consortium Formed

While Berklee is best known for training students to work in the jazz, popular, and commercial music realms, many alumni write string quartets, art songs, and orchestral works in the classical tradition. The Berklee Alumni Composer Consortium (BACC) has been formed to establish a network for composers seeking new performance opportunities and the chance to connect with like-minded alumni.

On June 3, the consortium will present the first of a series of chamber music concerts highlighting the work of Berklee classical composers. The concert, featuring the Xanthos Ensemble, will be held at the Newton Free Library at 330 Homer St. in Newton, Massachusetts. A panel discussion will be held prior to the concert at 1:30 P.M.; the concert begins at 2:00 P.M., with a reception to follow. There will also be a concert on Monday, June 4, 2007 at the David Friend Recital Hall - click here for full details.

All BACC concerts will be presented in suitable local venues and offer opportunities for informative discussion. The goal is to build a broad audience by reaching out to the entire Berklee community and beyond. Long-term consortium goals include building a membership that fosters the establishment of BACC satellite organizations in other urban areas to increase membership and the number of venues for performances and to create public awareness of the vast diversity present among Berklee alumni.

There is no cost or obligation involved in becoming a BACC member. Alumni interested in learning more abput the consortium should contact Frank E. Warren '76 or Ken Ueno '94 via e-mail at or by phone at (617) 325-0311.

-Frank Warren '76