Arranging Proficiency Assessment

The following five sample arranging questions include material drawn from the four courses in the Arranging Core Music Curriculum into which entering students may be placed: Writing Skills, Arranging 1, Arranging 2, and Chord Scale Voicings for Arranging. Entering students are placed into one of these courses according to the results of the entering student proficiency assessment, which students are required to take during the registration period before their first semester.

The proficiency assessment is taken in a classroom, using test booklets. The sample questions included on this Web site cover some of the same topics found in the arranging section, but the format of the questions may differ.

These sample questions are for demonstration purposes only. Your performance on these questions should not be viewed as a predictor of your first-semester arranging assessment, but as a guide toward preparing for your first-semester course work.

Utilize the recommended reading lists and other information on this site to strengthen your understanding of topics covered in the following questions.

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Arranging Question 1