Alumni Admissions Representatives

 Berklee's Alumni Ambassador Program encourages alumni to:

  • Stay connected
  • Get involved
  • Volunteer

Alumni ambassadors have the opportunity to be involved with assisting the Office of Admissions in identifying and recruiting applicants across the globe. These volunteers participate in college recruitment events, support the Audition and Interview Initiative, and represent Berklee at college fairs and various other events.

For more information about the program and how to apply, please fill out the inquiry form. You can also email with questions. 

See what our current alumni reps have to say about the program…

Mathias Minquet, Class of 2011

 “My experience as a student ambassador while enrolled at Berklee was truly enlightening as I got to witness the Audition and Interview process from another perspective.  Because my own audition to get into Berklee had been a big deal, I really enjoyed reaching out to prospective students during audition events, making them feel comfortable and relaxed, and talking about our lives as Berklee students, even sometimes playing with them!  I am now looking forward to continue volunteering for Berklee and help connect new talented musicians to the college as an alumni rep for the Office of Admissions.”


Will Wells, Class of 2011

“The Berklee community is such an important part of a student's experience.  Being a student ambassador as a student was amazing because I had the opportunity to share my unique Berklee experience with prospective students, and give them some insight as to what they were really investing in.  Now, as an alumni rep, I can stay connected to Berklee and offer advice and contacts to incoming students as well as recent graduates, just like other alumni did for me.  The cyclical support system that the Berklee community maintains is most certainly one of a kind!"




Nadia Sosnoski, Class of 2012

"Choosing the right college can be a very scary task. Being an alumni rep gives potential students an unbiased view of what going to Berklee is really like and the opportunity to ask the questions they may not feel comfortable asking a faculty member."