Accepted Principal Instruments

Principal Instruments

Berklee stands by its commitment to embrace change by continually adding new principal instruments to its program of study. Each Berklee student must declare one principal instrument. Students must take private instruction, ensembles, instrumental labs, and proficiencies on this instrument. Students may take additional private lessons, instrumental labs, and/or ensembles on a second instrument upon meeting the requirements of the appropriate department. Students will, however, have to pay corresponding credit fees for this additional private lesson. Even if you don't choose a second principal instrument, you will have plenty of opportunities to play whatever instrument you wish in student-organized recitals and sessions. Below is a listing of accepted principal instruments with links each instrument's department page:

Instrument Department
Banjo String
Baritone Horn Brass
Bass (Acoustic) Bass
Bass (Electric) Bass
Bassoon Woodwind
Cello String
Clarinet Woodwind
Drum Set Percussion
Flute Woodwind
French Horn Brass
Guitar Guitar
Harp String
Mandolin String
Marimba Percussion
Oboe Woodwind
Percussion Percussion
Percussion (Hand) Percussion
Piano (Acoustic) Piano
Saxophone (Alto) Woodwind
Saxophone (Baritone) Woodwind
Saxophone (Tenor) Woodwind
Trombone Brass
Trombone (Bass) Brass
Trumpet Brass
Tuba Brass
Vibraphone Percussion
Viola String
Violin String
Voice Voice